Today we are in day two of the three day of climate action leading up to Earth Day on April 22, 2021.

The theme this year is #RestoreOurEarth and focuses on some of the actions individuals can take that will make a significant contribution to restoring and preserving a sustainable planet.

One of these actions is to organize a community clean up.  This incredible idea is well-known to Mississauga resident Cindy Wilding who is the creator and organizer of Trash Walking Moms and has been picking up trash for the last EIGHT years.

Cindy can be seen diligently cleaning up the trash left behind in local parks and throughout Port Credit.

Cindy tells her story of starting Trash Walking Moms:

 “I started picking up litter from my neighbourhood streets about 8 years ago, when I spotted some broken glass on a sidewalk, while walking my son to school.  I felt that I should pick it up because I was worried about a pet or a child being cut by one of the shards of glass.

While picking up the glass, I figured I might as well get the other pieces of trash in the vicinity, and things just kind of evolved from that.  I told my schoolyard mom friends about what I was doing, then started my Facebook Page, Trash Walking Moms as a way to document the litter I was finding, and to encourage people to take some time to pick up neighbourhood litter too.

As I progressed on this mission, I became more aware of the type of litter I was regularly picking up, and it was predominantly single use plastic items.

The motto I adopted for my page is “I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that, then I realized I am somebody”

My message to people is threefold, and it’s simple: Don’t litter, of course, and wherever you are, whenever you can, pick up a few pieces of trash and dispose of them properly.  Look at your consumer spending habits, and try to make some small changes to reduce your consumption of single use plastics.

Do something.  You’ll feel good about it!”

Cindy is also a co-organizer of the local Help Port Credit Small Business Fundraiser and had pledged to pick up one bucket of trash for every $25.00 donated in February to help struggling businesses in Port Credit.

On behalf of Heritage Mississauga, and as residents of Mississauga, we thank Cindy and her fellow Trash Walking Moms for helping to take care of her community and the earth.

If you would like to participate in a Trash Walk (and maybe a little trash talk), follow Trash Walking Moms on Facebook or organize a community clean up in your area.