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Heritage Day Open House

Heritage Missississauga’s Open House usually takes place during Heritage Week in February.

Our shared heritage in all its forms has the power to bring people together and create a sense of belonging. Gathering places like faith buildings, town squares, and pow wow grounds, and cultural objects such as artifacts, regalia and family memorabilia are tangible touchstones with the past that can root us in place and nourish the spirit. Intangible heritage – languages, traditional rituals, music, dance, storytelling and more – is at the heart of family and community.

In celebration of our past and our future, we encourage all Canadians – whether young or old, deeply rooted or new to Canada – to visit museums, historic sites and cultural centres, and connect with traditional knowledge keepers, educators, parents and grandparents to experience their heritage.

Heritage Mississauga takes this opportunity to celebrate our community heritage, opening its doors presenting exhibits, speakers, refreshments and conversation.