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Oral Histories

What’s your story? Everyone has a story, from the Indigenous Mississaugas, to the early settlers who’s toil helped shape the modern landscape we live, work and play in today, to those who arrived in Mississauga yesterday. Our heritage is an every growing and these stories, your stories, are what make Mississauga unique. These stories need to be recorded.

We invite everyone, of any age, of any background, to share your stories with us. Remember what was, reflect on what is, and ponder what the future will bring to Mississauga! Think of the stories your house, your street or your community could tell if only they could talk. And they can talk – they just need a voice to relate that story and to preserve it for future generations.

We look to you, the citizens of Mississauga, to help us collect the stories of our every changing and diverse community. Please share your stories and pictures with us as we seek to protect, preserve and promote our City’s heritage.

We all have stories to share: whether they are stories from yesterday, 10 years ago, or 10,000 years ago, and they are all important components of what makes up the city we call home. So what’s your story?

Protect, Preserve and Promote Your Heritage
Collecting oral and video histories, as well as archive material is extremely important, because we want to make sure that future generations can learn about their heritage.
Please share your stories and photos with us as we seek to protect, preserve and promote our city’s most valuable non-renewable resource – our heritage!

We are currently accepting the following archive materials:

  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Brochures
  • Anything else that will be useful in recording your history

We will make a copy of your content, so that it’s in our archives for safe keeping and future use.

Leave Your Legacy
Is there someone in your community that has a great story which MUST be told?
Would you like to write an article about your community or your life in Mississauga?
Do you have anything that you want us to archive for you?

Contact Heritage Mississauga To Keep Your Legacy Alive
We are making every effort to get your story, as well as the story of the diverse communities of Mississauga recorded. There are two ways we are currently collecting stories and histories.

Lewis Lawrence

Digital Oral History Projects

Our digital oral history projects allow you to discover the stories of the people who live or lived in Mississauga. Explore how our city has grown and changed over the years, as they talk about how they came to live in Mississauga and their experience living or working here.

Memories of Small Arms: Their Stories
Explore the stories and memories of men and women who worked at the Small Arms Limited factory in Lakeview, Mississauga during the Second World War.
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Rose Daikens – Memories of Small Arms Interview

Preserving Mississauga’s Cultural Story
Explore our cultural heritage with stories from people who came to Mississauga from other countries around the world.
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Luz del Rosario

Heritage Diversity Stories
Explore the stories of our city’s diverse immigrant communities and share your own!
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