Pattinson Crescent in the Clarkson area is named for Gordon Pattinson (1885-1973). The former Pattinson House, located at 972 Clarkson Road South, was built in 1915. Today the house serves as an office. Gordon built this house on property he had purchased from the Orr family. Gordon actively farmed his property, raising a variety of vegetables, apples, and strawberries. Gordon was also involved in the surrounding community, attending nearby Carman Church, serving as a school trustee, and as Hydro Commissioner for Toronto Township. Gordon served as Hydro Commissioner from 1941 until 1963, with terms as Chairman in 1948-49 and 1953-59.

Gordon married Armadell (Dell) Oliphant, a descendant of another early Clarkson-area family. Gordon and Dell had two children, Thomas and Kathleen. When Gordon passed in 1973, Kathleen inherited the family home, and lived there until 1985.

Pattinson Crescent, which is laid out just to the south of the former Pattinson House, traverses a portion of the original Pattinson farm.

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