Join Historian Matthew Wilkinson for our Saturday Matinee: The Lay of the Land: Exploring Treaties 22 & 23 and the Racey Tract.

June marks National Indigenous History Month, with a particular date focus on June 21, 2020 as National Indigenous Peoples Day. Heritage Mississauga would like to encourage Canadians to celebrate and learn more about the cultural identity and diversity of First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples.

As the source for heritage in Mississauga, we are pleased to provide resources to help you explore indigenous heritage.

This presentation looks at the history and geographic footprint of Treaties 22 & 23, signed in February 1820 (200 years ago!) between the Indigenous Mississaugas and the British Crown, involving lands within the Credit River Valley in what is today the City of Mississauga.

#ApartTogether we continue to research, record and celebrate the diverse history of Mississauga.