In recognition of St. Patrick’s Day we will be exploring some of the historic Irish pubs that are a part of Mississauga’s history and landscape.

Minerva’s Bower / Cuchulainn’s Irish Pub
158 Queen Street South, Streetsville

United Empire Loyalist John Barnhart built this house around 1832 as a wedding gift for his daughter, Minerva, and her husband William H. Paterson. Minerva operated a school for young ladies here. Paterson was a merchant who came to Streetsville around 1825. The property was acquired by Lewis Moffatt in 1856, who in turn sold it to William J. Pinney in 1867.

William’s son, Gilbert Pinney, acting as executor of his father’s estate, sold the property to John Atkinson in 1905. In 1920 the house was purchased by William Eake. After serving as a private family home for around 150 years, in the early-1980s the house was converted for commercial purposes and was the location of the Heritage Arms and the Winchester Arms pubs. Since 2005 it has been home to Cuchulainn’s Irish Pub.

The modern veneer of brick hides the original finish of this historic house, which is Listed on the City of Mississauga’s Heritage Register.

We invite you to take part in the celebration and order some Irish fare from the local restaurants and pubs in Mississauga.