Join us as we travel back to 1812 with the documentary “Weekend Warriors” filmed during Heritage Mississauga’s Engagement at Bradley on October 21-22, 2018 and get to know some of the reenactors that bring history to life.

Thompson’s Company, is a group of living history enthusiasts who, through research and living history, recreate the lives of soldiers and civilians of Toronto township during the War of 1812.

The reenactment company was formed to honour the contributions of volunteer militiamen and First Nations people from Toronto Township (now the City of Mississauga) who served in the 2nd Regiment of the York Militia. Many of them were present at and participated in many of the battles in the War of 1812 along the Niagara frontier, including Chippawa, Fort Detroit, Fort Erie, Fort George, Fort York, Lundy’s Lane, Queenston Heights, St. David’s and Stoney Creek.

Thompson’s Company functions, in part, as an educational component of Heritage Mississauga by participating in community events, functions, and through reenactments. Members come from across Peel Region representing a range of ages and walks of life.

This documentary, produced by Mike Richardson and directed by Jeremy Pan, was filmed at the Bradley Museum during Heritage Mississauga’s Engagement at Bradley in 2018.

Every year Heritage Mississauga brings one of our most popular events to Mississauga with our Engagement at Bradley program. Thousands of people gather at the Bradley Museum over the weekend to experience not only the battles but the daily lives of the soldiers and their families as well as the numerous sutlers who sell their wares.

Heritage Mississauga is pleased to introduce a few of the members of the 2nd Regiment of the York Militia – Thompson’s Company. This week, we will be featuring Private Maxwell Thornton, Private Brendan Hollingsworth and Private Ryan Dollimore who will share their experiences and how they became involved in this historic and educational hobby.