Bradley House & Public Art

New Public Art initiative at the Museums of Mississauga

The Museums of Mississauga are currently in the midst of developing a new brand and undergoing a reanimation of it goals, vision and mission.

This exciting time in the history of the Museums is sparking a symbolic creative intervention. A series of temporary commissioned artwork will be exhibited on the exterior of Bradley House from June 1st to June 7th, 2015.

Artist Dan Bergeron has been tasked with making a visual connection between the museum’s important past and aligning it with its contemporary and innovative future. Following this week-long summer event, the artwork will be taken down and Bradley House will be given a fresh coat of yellow paint and restored back to its original splendour between June 8th and June 23rd, just in time for Pan-Am Games and a new exhibition platform at Benares and the Bradley site.

The Culture Division is interested in creating a conversation on new forms of heritage, museums and public art. The focus of this dialogue is to showcase the living history of one of Mississauga’s cultural gems.

Furthermore, the intent of this creative intervention is to draw-in current and prospective audiences as interpreters and stewards of the artwork.

The project is expected to provoke discussion on the value of living heritage as well as appreciation of history and the notion of layering that can tell a multi-pronged story.

This form of creative engagement and storytelling will help emphasize the vital role that historians, artists and other visionaries play in breathing life into our communities and shared histories and living heritage.