Historic Family-run business closes after 68 Years
Auld’s Butchers Shop in Clarkson Closes

A familiar Clarkson institution, likely one of the oldest family-run businesses in Mississauga, quietly closed its doors at the end of May, after 68 years in business. Doug Auld & Son Butchers, located at 1109 Clarkson Road North, first opened its doors on September 9th, 1947. Auld’s butcher shop was first operated by Doug Auld, who retired in 1990, and then his son Bill. Bill’s retirement and the sale of the property marks the end of a remarkable run for the small, old-fashioned butcher’s shop, which has served generations of residents. The old butcher shop building is one of the last remnants of the old “Clarkson’s Corners” which centred around Clarkson Road North and the Great Western Railway. From 1913 until 1938 the building housed the Merchant Bank of Canada, which became part of the Bank of Montreal in 1916. The building itself is likely even older, possibly having been built by Henry Clarkson in the 1870s. The fate of the old building is not yet known within the context of the forthcoming development.

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Bill Auld in front of Auld’s Butcher Shop, May 2015, courtesy of Steve Pecar
Mercant Bank of Canada, Clarkson, 1913