Join Historian Matthew Wilkinson for this episode of Ask A Historian.

This week, Matthew answers the most frequent questions we receive from the community about the stories of the Mississaugas and the history of Residential Schools, the Credit Mission, and the infamous Jones Brothers.

Matthew also provides some in-depth resources to support you in your research and exploration of Indigenous history and the connections to Mississauga.

Heritage Mississauga is the source for all things heritage in Mississauga and have offered a discount on resources to viewers of the episode as well as providing a complimentary copy of “Mississauga: The First 10,000” to the first followers to email “truth and reconciliation” or comment “truth and reconciliation” on the video on our YouTube channel or on our social media channels.

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#ApartTogether we continue to explore pathways to truth and reconciliation.

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Photo credit:
Image of Corporal Ballard’s headstone created by Isabelle Perrot and Guillaume van der Wende