On August 13, 1941, the Canadian government announced the formation of a new Canadian Women’s Army Corps (CWAC).

Women were recruited to perform support and clerical jobs that male soldiers typically performed to free up men for combat.

CWAC recruits also learned military drills, gas training, calisthenics and route marches.

21,624 women served in the CWAC, 4 of whom were wounded while on active service.

In spite of many challenges, and resistance from some men who served, 40% of the women who enlisted for the CWAC stated patriotism was a primary motivator, others listed the desire for new adventures and opportunities, and many enlisted to support loved ones who were serving. A prominent CWAC motto was “We serve that men may fight.”

The CWAC was disbanded on September 30, 1946.

Photo credit: www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca