Join members of the 2nd Regiment of York Militia – Thompson’s Company on our YouTube channel for a demonstration of a campfire meal that would commonly be prepared by 1812 soldiers.

Food in 1812 was not as readily available as it is today. Food was grown rather than purchased and therefore was highly dependent on the weather and the seasons. Food was often scarce.

A soldier would receive their food rations and one of the typical meals to be prepared with the limited rations was ash cake, a bread made of three simple ingredients.

During the war, food shortages were frequent occurrences and In 1813, a shortage of salt led to the death of 20 British-Canadian soldiers. Targeted raids on food supplies, especially salt, was common as salt was necessary to preserve food.

Gather around the campfire with our Thompson’s Company reenactors as they light the fire and cook an authentic 1812 ash cake.

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Recipes from 1812

Green Goose with Green Goose Sauce

Goose (to be considered a green goose it must be 4 months old), Butter, Sorrel Juice, Coddled gooseberries

To prepare the green goose place the neck towards you and cut two or three long slices on each side of the breast.
Cut these slices from the bone and proceed to take off the leg. When the leg is off, proceed to take off the wing. Do this to the other side.
Proceed to cut off the apron and merry-thought. The neck bones should be separated next.
The best part of the young goose is the breast and the gristle. The breast may be divided from the pinion.

Take some melted butter and put into a spoonful of sorrel juice, and a few coddled gooseberries.

Recipe from: The Book of Household Management (1861)

Spring Soup

Turnips, Carrots, Celery, Cabbage, Leeks, Cos lettuce, Endive, Chervil , Asparagus, Green peas , Button onions, Brown consumes

Take turnips and carrots and shred them with small celery heads about 2 inches long.
Wash and steam the celery separately in a little water.
When they are done, cut the white of the celery small
Cut leeks, cabbage, cos lettuce, endive, and chervil and boil till tender with 3 quarts of brown consumes.
Add steamed asparagus, green peas, and button onions if in season.

Recipe from: The New London Family Cook: Or, Town and Country Housekeeper’s Guide By Duncan MacDonald