December 7, 2021 is International Civil Aviation Day and provides an opportunity to acknowledge the essential role of international civil aviation in social and economic development around the world and to celebrate an industry that connects us to different locations and cultures around the world.

Mississauga has had a long and fascinating history in the aviation field from the iconic AVRO Arrow, the first aerodrome in Canada, the Pearson Airport, which was named the “Best Large Airport in North America” in March of 2021, and internationally known pilots such as J.A.D. McCurdy, Janusz (Jan) Zurakowski, Wladyslaw “Spud” Potocki., Peter Roland Cope, and many more.

We invite you to revisit our blog and learn about these incredible pilots and read our educational booklet “Flying into History: Remembering the AVRO Arrow” which tells the story of Malton’s own AVRO Arrow.

Celebrating Mississauga’s Aviation Icons & Heroes

Toronto Pearson Airport – Best Large Airport in North America

You can also take the time to watch our Ask A Historian episodes featuring Dave Cook who shares his expertise on the history of aviation in Mississauga.

#ApartTogether we are connected through the incredible history of Mississauga.