Happy 101st birthday to Hazel McCallion!

On behalf of Heritage Mississauga we wish Hazel McCallion a happy birthday and thank her for her decades, yes decades, of service to our city.

Hazel McCallion is an icon in Mississauga and around the world. She is known as a tenacious and outspoken trailblazer who gets the job done.

She has also inspired many generations and has broken barriers for women throughout the years.

We would also like to thank Hazel for all of her support for Heritage Mississauga and our many programs. We invite you to watch our productions on the Mississauga Train Derailment which was a defining moment in Hazel McCallion’s career for which she received international accolade for her handling of this potentially catastrophic event that miraculously resulted with only one injury, a twisted ankle for Hazel!

Don’t forget to visit Erin Mills Town Centre for the exhibit Hazel: 100 Years of Memories which celebrates the contributions Hazel McCallion has made over the years as a Former Mayor of Mississauga and as the beloved Hurricane Hazel!