This week on Ask a Historian, Matthew Wilkinson welcomes Tracy Oliveira, Collections Assistant, Museums of Mississauga, as they explore the incredible 30 years of history at The Anchorage.

Matthew and Tracey look back at the people, events, and partners that helped create the historic legacy of The Anchorage and look at current and future events and exhibit that Mississauga residents have to look forward to in the upcoming months.

The Anchorage officially opened to the public in June 1992. The 1.5 storey Regency Style House was built by James W. Taylor and named “The Anchorage” by its owner in 1839, Commander John Skynner. It was originally located on Southdown Rd by the Lakeshore and was moved to its current location (1620 Orr Rd) in 1978 over a 7-hour period.

Tracey Oliveira has a Bachelor of Arts from York University and Ontario College Graduate Certificate from Sir Sandford Fleming College Museum Management and Curatorship Program

She began her career at the Museums of Mississauga as a historical interpreter. In her current role as Collections Assistant, she is responsible for collections management of artifact collection at both the Benares Historic House and Bradley Museum.

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