In today’s Facebook Live we talk about key projects we’re working on this week, plus some amazing contests where you can win cash prizes.

During the month of July the National Trust for Canada is giving away a total of $2000 in support of Canada’s Historic Places Day with a Historic Places Selfie Contest.

Heritage Mississauga has joined in the fun and we took a few selfies with the theme “Gnome Your Historic Places”.

We explored a few of the heritage sites in Port Credit using one of our Heritage Tour brochures.

We hope you will join us as we get to “gnome” historic places in Mississauga!

The contests runs from July 4 2020 to July 31, 2020.

To participate – just post your selfies at participating historic places on social media with the hashtag historicplacesday, tag the historic place, and tag and follow @nationaltrustca.

Selfies will be placed in a random draw to win $1000 for yourself and $1000 for the site that you tagged.
To learn more about this contest – I will drop the link below this video in the comments.

And I wanted to give you another reminder for our TRIBUTE Campaign!!

Tribute is a company that uses technology to help people share appreciation, love and support through videos.

We have started our own Tribute campaign to help you stay in touch with the seniors you love.

Stay Safe, Stay in Touch was the theme for Seniors Month in June and during the COVID pandemic our seniors have been greatly impacted with many in isolation unable to receive many visitors.

We would like to bring some joy to seniors throughout Mississauga and we need your help.

Heritage Mississauga will be gathering video tributes of people sending well wishes and greetings to our seniors.

Video tributes can include a general hello to seniors or can have a personal message to a senior that you believe would like to receive a positive message. Grandchildren are greatly encouraged to send personalized video greetings to their grandparents.

Also, if you’re a senior you can take part to!
You can record your own video, and say something to someone you haven’t seen in awhile.

Heritage Mississauga will gather the video tributes, compile them and send out the tribute video with the greetings submitted.

Please join us as we share a smile with our wonderful senior communities in Mississauga.

Next up, I want to remind you about our Apart Together Stories initiative.

Heritage Mississauga, Mississauga Arts Council, Mississauga Writers Group and Peel Weekly News have all joined together to start up a new writing contest this summer. Now is the time to write about how people in Mississauga are surviving the pandemic.

In 500 words, we want you to tell us your story. Make it part of our history. Select stories will be published in Peel Weekly News and saved in the archives of Heritage Mississauga.

In addition the Mississaugas Writers Group is producing their annual anthology where your story could be published for everyone to see.

Also you’re eligible to win three cash prizes!
Mississauga Arts Council is offering 1st place $250, 2nd place $150 and third place $100.

To share your story, contact us directly on social media or send to [email protected].


Now before I go, I want to remind you of our line-up of content.

On Wednesday (Tomorrow) – We have our Way Back Wednesday article and blog post.

On Thursday – We have our “Ask A Historian” with Matthew where he will answer your questions.

This week will be a special edition about Living History!

Matthew will be doing an interview with Greg Carraro, 1812 re-enactor and Captain of 2nd Regiment of York Militia – Thompson’s Company, which honours various militia companies that served in the War of 1812 as part of the 2nd Regiment of York Militia. The Company is named for Captain William Thompson (1786-1860) who served with the 2nd Regiment of York Militia during the war.

And on Saturday – We have our “Matinee Movie” streamed on YouTube.

Heritage Mississauga continues to be THE SOURCE about the history of our city as we research, record and celebrate the diverse heritage of Mississauga.

Take care of yourself, and each other, practice social distancing and remember we are #aparttogether.