The City of Mississauga is home to many “ghost stories”, haunted happenings, legends and myths that connect with spirits or ghosts.

There are several historic houses in our city that have become restaurants and public houses over time. They include the Franklin House and Cuchulainn’s Irish Pub in Streetsville, the Old Barber House, and Cherry Hill House, amongst others.

Prominent “ghost stories” are also attached to several grand edifices and historic former estates in our city, such as the Adamson Estate, the Cawthra Estate, the Glen Erin Inn, and the Harding Waterfront Estate.


In recognition of Paranormal Day, we invite you to explore some of our Frightful Fridays videos featuring “haunted” places in Mississauga including the Adamson Estate and the Cawthra Estate, which have stories about historic figures who were “seen” making an appearance long after they had passed.


Take a tour through Haunted Mississauga at the Dixie Union Cemetery (c.1809) where you will meet 13 spirits to learn about their lives, and possibly demise, set between 1840 to 1846.

Stay tuned for more episodes of Frightful Fridays as we continue to explore the haunted history of Mississauga.

Feel free to share some of your experiences or images of hauntings in Mississauga!

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Kelly Ralston – Social Media & Program Coordinator