January 5th is #NationalBirdDay!

It is a day to appreciate our Natural Heritage and the incredible beauty and diversity of birds that can be found throughout Mississauga.
Did you know that the bird that represents Ontario is the Common Loon?

The day could not pass without recognition and remembrances of the legend known as the “Birdman of Erindale”, Roy Ivor.
Hance “Roy” Ivor (1880-1979) established Windinglane Bird Sanctuary along Mississauga Road, just to the north of what is now The Collegeway in the early 1930s as a sanctuary for birds and other wildlife. The sanctuary was named for its long, winding laneway.

Affectionately referred to as the “Birdman of Erindale”, Ivor was a well-known ornithologist and naturalist. Ivor authored numerous articles in The Auk, National Geographic, Wilson Bulletin and published the book “I Live With Birds”. He received an Honourary Doctorate of Sciences from the University of Windsor in 1972 and was a recipient of the Order of Canada in 1974. Ivor was born in Strathroy, Ontario on January 3rd, 1880, but grew up in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and Toronto. Ivor and his mother moved to Erindale around 1928. A lifelong bachelor, he remained in their home after his mother’s death at age 105 years of age in 1959.

For many who knew Roy Ivor and visited Windinglane Bird Sanctuary, Ivor was a gentle, kind man with a sense of humor who dedicated himself to studying and caring for sick and injured birds. Ivor wrote about the emotions and personalities of birds, and people brought injured, sick or wild birds to his sanctuary from all over Canada and the United States. Ivor studied, cared for, and lived with birds for over fifty years.

Together with many volunteers, Ivor took care of thousands of birds over time. He welcomed school children to the sanctuary where he taught them to care for and respect birds and wildlife.

In recognition of #NationalBirdDay, we invite you to take a walk and discover all of the beautiful birds that are a part of our #NaturalHeritage!