Heritage Home in historic Meadowvale Village Heritage Conservation District Lost in Fire

In the early morning hours of November 12th, 2011, the Lambe-McDonald House, also known historically as the “Cantelon Cottage”, located at 1066 Old Derry Road in historic Meadowvale Village, was gutted by fire. The home had recently been sold, and was undergoing a major renovation at the time of the fire. The cause of the fire is not immediately known.

A portion of the house was believed to have been built by William Lambe circa 1921. It is unlikely that Lambe lived in the house, as he had purchased the nearby Commercial Hotel in 1915 and converted it to his residence. William also owned a general store in Meadowvale Village, and it is possible that the dwelling at 1066 Old Derry Road was initially used to house employees or rented to tenants. William Lambe sold the house in 1939 to Marjorie Mann, who in turn sold it in 1943 to Emily and Jabez Austin. Emily Austin sold the house in 1961 to Sydney and Joy Buttle. The Buttle’s ran the nearby (former) Texaco Gas Station and Garage. The Buttle’s rented the house to tenants, at which time we find reference to it as the “Cantelon Cottage”. In 1967 the house was sold to Richard and Pauline Martin, who in turn sold it to the McDonald family in 1969. Significant alterations and extensions were added to the original dwelling between 1967 and 1971, creating a triple gable, half-timbered, Tudor-revival-styled building. One of the only surviving exterior features of the original house evident in the altered building was the large bay window on the front-west façade.


Lambe-McDonald House, 1066 Old Derry Road, Meadowvale Village, Mississauga, from 2010, before fire

Lambe-McDonald House, 1066 Old Derry Road, Meadowvale Village, Mississauga, November 2011, after fire