Today is a busy week with lots of news to cover including Mississauga Latin Festival and details on our upcoming AGM, which is taking place virtually this August.

First Up A Couple of Reminders:

July 31 is the last day to enter The National Trust For Canada’s #HistoricPlacesDay’s Selfie Contest and July Giveaway. If you want a chance to win cash prizes, take a photo of yourself to participate. We currently have gnomes hiding around the outside area of The Grange, so definitely stop by to find them! Our office is currently closed (as we work from home) however, you’ll find them in and around our gardens and outdoor areas.  Please visit: for complete rules.

We are celebrating our seniors with a video montage (or “Tribute”) for Heritage Mississauga: Share a Smile with Mississauga Seniors. It will only take you a minute to film and submit your video. It should make for an unforgettable reminder to seniors that we appreciate and miss them during this time. Please visit: to submit your Tribute video.

And another plug for our Apart Together Stories initiative.
Heritage Mississauga, Mississauga Arts Council, Mississauga Writers Group and Peel Weekly News have all joined together to start up a new writing contest this summer. Now is the time to write about how people in Mississauga are surviving the pandemic.
In 500 words, we want you to tell us your story. Make it part of our history. Select stories will be published in Peel Weekly News and saved in the archives of Heritage Mississauga.
In addition the Mississaugas Writers Group is producing their annual anthology where your story could be published for everyone to see. Also you’re eligible to win three cash prizes!
Mississauga Arts Council is offering 1st place $250, 2nd place $150 and third place $100.
To share your story, contact us directly on social media or send to [email protected].

Now on to the news about our AGM!
I’m excited to announce that we have organized a date!
This year our AGM is taking place virtually on Thursday August 6 at 11am. Heritage Mississauga members will receive an advanced registration email and the general invite will be going out tomorrow. 2019 Active members were renewed for free for the year 2020 due to considerations for the Pandemic. Participants must register for the AGM. I will post a link for the general registration in the comments. You’ll definitely want to sign up, because you’ll also get on our email list to be kept up to date with all our news. New members are also welcome to sign up on our website.

We’ve got another important festival happening, which you’ll definitely want to catch this weekend.
This year is the 12th Anniversary of the Mississauga Latin Festival and it’s happening all online with music, folklore, food demos, arts, and a kids hour. The festival takes place Friday July 31 and goes until Sunday August 2. On Sunday at 2pm you can tune in to watch the annual Latin Parade. To watch all the action and get in on the fun, visit Their facebook page also has lots of updates on who’s performing this weekend.

Finally, I wanted to let you know of two arts and exhibit collectors events going on right now ONLINE.
The first one is the Arts On The Credit art shop and sale.
And the other is the MaxSold Fundraising Online Auction for the Museums of Mississauga.
There is great artwork and interesting items for art buffs and heritage collectors, so do go check those two events out.

Now before I go, I want to remind you of our line-up of content.

On Wednesday (Tomorrow) – We have our Way Back Wednesday article and blog post. This week will be focused on the history of the Civic Holiday.

On Thursday – We have our “Ask A Historian” with Matthew where he will answer your questions.

On Friday – We have special content for you, which will be the history and demo of the musket from The 2nd Regiment of York Militia – Thompson’s Company.

And on Saturday – We have our “Matinee Movie” streamed on YouTube.
Giants Among US Part 3- Join Historian Matthew Wilkinson as he explores the life and times of some of
Mississauga’s greatest legends. In this series, Matthew will provide a chronological account of these legends’ lives, their achievements and how they helped shape Mississauga as we know it today. If you missed Parts 1 and 2, you can find it on our YouTube channel.

Heritage Mississauga continues to be THE SOURCE about the history of our city as we research, record and celebrate the diverse heritage of Mississauga.

Take care of yourself, and each other, practice social distancing and remember we are #aparttogether.
Thank you so much for watching!