The former Riviere Fruit Farm remembers an earlier agricultural landscape that, in our not-so-distant past made up much of Mississauga. This property is part of the Credit Reserve lands that were included in treaties in 1820 between the Indigenous Mississaugas and The Crown.
This property was first granted to Thomas Silverthorn in 1832. Subsequent owners included Robert Greig (1901), William Crozier (1905) and Frank Steen (1926), amongst others. In 1931 the property was purchased by Herbert Pinchin, who converted the farm to apple orchards and for raising turkeys. The orchards, under the guiding hand of Vic Pinchin, operated until 2004. The 33-acre property is owned today by the City of Mississauga.
Also located on the property is the Leslie Log House, which was built in 1826 by John Leslie Sr. The house was moved to the Riviere Fruit Farm property in 1994 and today is home to the Streetsville Historical Society.
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