Did You Know?

The meeting of the “Founding Fathers” is an artist’s concept found in the book 175 years of history, 1825-2000: St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Erindale” by Thompson Adamson which depicts a meeting of a group of men from the settler and Indigenous communities, who helped to chart the course and shape the world for early residents.

The “Founding Fathers” are considered to be: Adamson, Barnhart, Beatty, Clarkson, Cook, Cotton, Crawford, Embleton, Gage, Gardiner, Graham, Gray, Graydon, Hammond, Harris, Jarvis, Jones, King, Magrath, Merigold, Moore, Pallett, Ross, Silverthorn, Simpson, Street, Thompson and Wilcox, amongst many others. 

Although the image is fictitious and the meeting never occurred, each one of the names reflects on a prominent early family that helped to shape the Mississauga we know today, and their names are remembered in different ways on our modern landscape.

On behalf of Heritage Mississauga, we wish all of the Dads a historic Father’s Day!