This week Matthew welcomes Samantha Thompson, as they explore the fascinating history of the Whitehead brothers who served in the First World War.

Samantha discusses the journey she had taken to research the story of these three brothers and their different experiences while serving during the First World War.

Their incredible story is featured in a Blog written by Samantha and explores the familial ties, controversies, challenges, physical and psychological impacts of war, and ultimately the losses that can devastate a family.

Samantha Thompson is an archivist at the Peel Art Gallery, Museum, and Archives where she is particularly interested in revealing the records and lives of ordinary people. She has also worked on collections at McMaster University and the Dundas Museum & Archives. Before training as an archivist, Samantha completed a doctorate in the history of philosophy, and taught in academia.

Ask A Historian will continue to air during our usual spot every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. throughout the holidays and we invite you to spend a little downtime over the holidays exploring the history and heritage of our beautiful city.

Redeeming records: Uncovering the deaths – and lives – of the Whitehead brothers

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Photo credit:
Image of Corporal Ballard’s headstone created by Isabelle Perrot and Guillaume van der Wende