Stonehaven Drive in the Clarkson area is named after Trenwith family farm. William D. Trenwith and his wife, Margaret Pattinson, moved to Clarkson in 1901. Their family grew to include children William H. (“Bill”), John and Lorna. In 1904 William D. purchased 25 acres south of Clarkson Road, and called the farm Stonehaven Farm.

Stonehaven Farm, Clarkson

The farm prospered, with efforts focused on fruit and garden produce. In 1920 the family established Trenwith Market on Lakeshore Road. The property in Clarkson was later sold for subdivision, and modern roads Stonehaven Drive and Trenholme Drive take their names from the farm and the family. William H. Trenwith’s son, William A. Trenwith, moved to Campbellville and established Stonehaven Farm Market on Guelph Line.

Trenwith family on Stonehaven Farm, c1930

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