The “Sixties Scoop” refers to the large-scale removal or “scooping” of more than 20,000 Indigenous children that were removed from their homes, communities, and families of birth through the 1960s that was supported by the Canadian Government.

Indigenous children were adopted into predominantly non-Indigenous, middle-class families across the United States and Canada. This displacement left many of the children with a loss of cultural identity.

This “scoop” created significant emotional and psychological traumas for the children and left an indelible mark that continues to to be felt by the adults that were removed, their families, and Indigenous communities today.

We invite you to watch the Rogers and OMNI Television Indigenous Interstitial Program: The Sixties Scoop that features the story of survivor and proud Anishinaabe Matthew Rutledge as he shares his story on self-discovery and reconnecting with his cultural identity.