Queen Frederica Drive in Mississauga was named in the 1960s after the SS Queen Frederica, a passenger liner that itself was named in honour of Queen Frederica of Greece.

Other nearby streets include Gripsholm, Kingsholm (originally Kungsholm), Westerdam, Sylvania, Saturnia, Orcades, Parthia, Vera Cruz, Argus, Franconia and Flagship are all names of early passenger liners, largely on the Atlantic route and calling at Pier 21 in Halifax.

The SS Queen Frederica was originally named the SS Malolo, and later known as Matsonia, Atlantic, and Queen Frederica. She was an American-built passenger liner and cruise ship, and was launched in 1927.

The SS Malolo advertised superb public rooms, spacious cabins, swimming pools, a gymnasium, and a staff, including a hairdresser, to provide a high standard of service.

During the Second World War, she served as a troop ship. The ship was renamed in honour of Queen Frederica of Greece in 1954. The SS Queen Frederica was retired in 1977, and scrapped in 1978.

Queen Frederica herself, also spelled Frederika, was born Frederica Louisa Thyra Victoria Margareta Sophie Olga Cécilie Isabelle Christa on April 18, 1917 in Blankenburg, Saxony, Germany. She married Crown Prince Paul of Greece in 1938, and became Queen of Greece on his coronation in 1947. She was Queen of Greece from 1947 to 1964, and lived in exile following the seizure of power by the military in 1967.

She died in Madrid, Spain on February 6, 1981.