February 23rd marks the anniversary of Canada’s first powered flight in Canada, when, in 1909, pilot J.A.D. McCurdy flew the Silver Dart nearly 800 metres in Baddeck, Nova Scotia.

This first flight over 100 years ago paved the way for today’s dedicated aviation and commercial pilots to connect people and move goods safely and quickly across our country and around the world.

DYK Historic Mississauga was home to Canada’s first aerodrome?

The Curtiss Aviation School at the Long Branch Aerodrome opened in June of 1915. The School, under the direction J.A.D. McCurdy, produced 130 graduates for the Royal Naval Air Service and the Royal Flying Corps.

The Curtiss Aviation School closed on December 15, 1916.

Photo: Curtiss Flying School, Class of July 1916, courtesy of the Toronto Public Library

Written by:

Kelly Ralston – Heritage Mississauga, Social Media & Program Coordinator