April 7th is International Beaver Day! 

The day celebrates the incredible contributions beavers make to our environment and to raise awareness about these dam awesome beings.

Here are a few fun facts about beavers for you to gnaw on:
Beavers teeth are orange
Beavers are the second largest rodents in the world (second to the capybara in South America)
Beavers do not live in dams, they live in lodges
Beavers are one of the few animals that modify their habitat
Beaver dams and pools reduce soil erosion and retain sediment, which absorb and filter pollutants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and fertilizers. This improves the quality of water downstream used by humans and other species

We can co-exist with beavers and can help them out by supporting wildlife organizations, leaving beavers to their dam business, appreciating them from afar, and helping to preserve our waterways.

#ApartTogether we are in this together.