I have always been inspired by women who were trailblazers or ahead of their time; those women who pushed through societal constraints and dedicated themselves to a cause or belief that was greater than themselves. 

One such woman is Jane Goodall who has dedicated her life to advocating for animals, human rights, and the environment. I had seen Jane Goodall speak at the Sony Centre a few years back and was deeply inspired by her authentic care for the world and her journey from the secretary to famous paleontologist, Louis Leakey, to discovering the incredible societal complexities of chimpanzees, resolving herself to advocate for the chimpanzees, and eventually starting the Jane Goodall Institute. 

The approach Jane and her institute takes is that species conservation improves the lives of people, animals and the environment by honouring their connectedness to each other. 

As a vegan and someone who is in absolute awe of nature, I am ignited by the collective responsibility we have to care for our environment and all of the species within it, including each other. 

To quote Jane Goodall: “to achieve global peace we must not only stop fighting each other, but also stop destroying the natural world.”

Kelly Ralston, Social Media & Program Coordinator
Photo: Jane Goodall Institute