Next stop on the GooseChase Scavenger Hunt, North Streetsville!

When the survey of the northern portion of Toronto Township was completed in 1819, survey contractor Timothy Street received permission to build a saw and grist mill. As news of the construction of a mill on the banks of the Credit River spread, more settlers were attracted to the area and soon a small village had developed around Street’s Mills and the Glendinning sawmill. These early businesses marked the beginning of a long tradition of milling in the community. By 1825 this part of Toronto Township was thriving. Streetsville incorporated as a village in 1858. In 1974 Streetsville became part of the city of Mississauga. There are several interpretive plaques located in Streetsville, including a new installation at Trinity Anglican Cemetery remembering local War of 1812 veterans. We invite you to take a self-guided walking tour to explore its fascinating history and the largest collection of heritage buildings in our city.

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