Do You Have Questions About the History of Mississauga?

Heritage Mississauga answers over 500 inquiries a year about the heritage and history of Mississauga. These inquiries are sent by the City, residents, businesses and media partners and now we would like to invite you to ask our Historian, Matthew Wilkinson, questions that you may have about the history of Mississauga.

If you are curious about the history of a road, a location, a historical figure from Mississauga or something you always wanted to know about the history of Mississauga but didn’t know who to ask, send your question to us and we will be holding a Q&A session answering a selection of questions.

During this time of isolation due to COVID-19, Heritage Mississauga is working to provide resources and information to educate and entertain our community with ongoing and interactive communications.

We look forward to your questions!

Please email Matthew Wilkinson: [email protected]