Today on my walk along Cooksville Creek, I spotted what appears to be a small mink who had very little interest in sharing his lunch with any other wildlife creatures!

Mink are part of the weasel (Mustelidae) family and according to Britannica: “Wild mink are semiaquatic and obtain most of their food near the water’s edge. Typically following shorelines and banks, they investigate holes, crevices, and deep water pools for hidden prey.

Strictly carnivorous, mink eat mostly frogs, salamanders, fish, crayfish, muskrats, mice, and voles, along with aquatic birds and their eggs. Occasionally, mink will search for terrestrial prey such as hares and rabbits. Mink are strong and agile swimmers and often dive to probe underwater nooks and crannies.”

This little one was clearly planning on fish for lunch.

In celebration of #NationalWildlifeWeek, we invite you to share some of your wild encounters in Mississauga.

Kelly Ralston, Social Media & Program Coordinator