Marvel may have created Superhero Day back in 1995 to celebrate their favorite comic book heroes, but we are going to celebrate some of our real Superheroes!

Today we would like to recognize all of the teachers who have had the superhuman fortitude and dedication to face the continually evolving teaching environment and requirements.

Teachers stand up for their students everyday and face down the challenges COVID has thrown at them.

They have championed new ways to teach our students in the new on-line universe and continue to fight for optimal learning environments.

On behalf of Heritage Mississauga, we would like to thank teachers around the world and let them know we are allies who support and appreciate all that they do in their virtual classrooms and the impact the responsibility can have on their alter-ego/real identities at home.

Thank you… and sorry if we have blown your secret identities!

Here are some educational resources for you to use to continue your mission to teach!


Kelly Ralston – Social Media & Program Coordinator