Join us on Saturday March 6, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. on our YouTube channel for our presentation of “Mills of Mississauga” presented on May 1, 2002 by Bill Tolton.

This presentation was pulled from our vault for inclusion in our Manufacturing Mississauga program during which we will explore some of the historic industries that helped shape Mississauga’s economy and landscape.

Bill will take us back into Mississauga’s past to explore the milling industry in Streetsville.

William Grant (“Bill”) Tolton was born in 1914 in Galt. Bill established a publishing business in Toronto in 1939. He and his wife, Alma, had three children: Elinor, Stanley, and John.

In 1948 the family moved to Streetsville, and opened Tolton Press. Bill was active in the Streetsville United Church and the Streetsville Lions Club. In 1962 he was elected to Streetsville Town Council, and he served as Mayor of Streetsville in 1966-1967.

Bill was the first president of the Streetsville Historical Society in 1970, and served as president again in 1995. Bill passed away in 2002.

A self-proclaimed “mill nut”, Bill shares his incredible knowledge and enthusiasm for the milling industry.

#ApartTogether we journey to the past to explore the businesses that are a part of our heritage.