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What’s on Your Bookshelf?

Visit the heritage giftshop located at the Grange. Books by local artists on the heritage of our community as well as books on the history of Ontario are available for sale. As well as those highlighted below there are a number of other publications available. Review our book list to see if it is available.

To order on-line please contact Giftshop Coordinator Jane Watt at 905-828-8411 ext “0” or by email at [email protected]

(See Full Descriptions and Cover Images Below)


  • Mississauga, The First 10,000 years by Heritage Mississauga – $44.95, Members price – $35.00
  • Mississauga Moments by Eric Gibson – $15.00
  • The Families of Merigold’s Point by Dorothy L. Martin – $10.00
  • Haunted Mississauga by Terry Boyle – $21.95
  • Haunted Ontario-Revisited by Terry Boyle – $22.95
  • Farewell to Streetsville by Tom Urbaniak- $18.95
  • Birth to Millennium by Mike Toth- $43.00
  • Apple Blossoms & Satellite Dishes by Dave Cook – $20.00
  • Frozen Ponds to Beehive Glory: The Story of Dixie Arena Gardens by Dave Cook – $20.00
  • Fulfilling The Dream: A History for the Millennium by Clarkson Road Presbyterian Church – $18.00
  • A History of Streetsville by Mary Manning – $5.00
  • The Ruth Konrad Local History Collection by Mississauga Library System – $5.00
  • Rattray Marsh Then and Now by Ruth Hussey and Judith Goulin – $19.95
  • Our Saga: The Creation of a City (VIDEO) by Mississauga Library System – $20.00
  • Your Home on Native Land by Alan Skeoch – $20.00
  • Her Worship by Tom Urbaniak – $27.95
  • Journey to the Past: The Lost Villages of Mississauga by Heritage Mississauga – $20.00


  • Clarkson and its Many Corners – $35.00
  • Dixie: Orchards to Industry – $35.00
  • Cooksville: Country to City – $35.00
  • Meadowvale: Mills to Millennium – $35.00
  • Streetsville: From Timothy to Hazel – $35.00
  • Erindale: Early Times to Evolution – $35.00
Haunted Mississauga                                       ISBN 0-9780239-0-0
Author Terry Boyle
$21.95Haunted Mississauga contains 13 intriguing stories about very active  hauntings in Mississauga.  Read about Nellie in the Mill, a suicide victim imprisoned and pacing in the building; a vaporous bride and groom floating over Lake Ontario in front of their former estate; native spirits who still inhabit their ancestral land.
Haunted Ontario                                       ISBN 978-0-9780239-1-1
Author Terry Boyle
$25.00Travel with your mind (and body too, if you wish) to hotels, motels, inns, museums and even private homes; experience the rattling of doorknobs and the slamming of doors, faces in the mirrors and lights that go on and off, watch a television show when the set is not plugged in and hear tales of vanishing sailors-boats and all!
apple Apple Blossoms and Satellite Dishes             ISBN0-9734265-0-0
Author Dave Cook
$20.00This book deals with the subdivision of Applewood Acres, but from time to time wanders beyond the physical boundaries.
frozen From Frozen Ponds to Beehive Glory           ISBN 0-9734265-1-9
The Story of Dixie Arena Gardens
Author Dave Cook
$20.00This book tells the story of Dixie Arena Gardens which opened in 1949.  For the residents  involved with the hockey leagues, lacrosse leagues, auto auctions, figure skating and the weekly teen dances, Dixie Arena Gardens played a key role in the formative years of thousands of community residents.
Mississauga Moments                                 ISBN 0-9685485-0-4
An anthology of local fact, fiction, legend….
Author Eric Gibson
$15.00This  is a collection of stories of Mississauga together with local legends and a couple of yarns from a novel about this area thrown in for good measure.
In the Footsteps of the Mississaugas           ISBN 0-9691995-5-4
Author Marian M. Gibson
Published by Mississauga Heritage Foundation (Heritage Mississauga)
$20.00This book is an introduction to the background of the Native peoples who have passed thorough the area we now know as the city of Mississauga.
Add Text (alt for images, text for links) Mississauga: The First 10,000 Years              ISBN 1-896973-28-0
Edited by Frank A.  Dieterman
Published by Mississauga Heritage Foundation (Heritage Mississauga)
Member price $35.00The story of Mississauga’s   long and complex heritage is bound to capture your imagination.  There are sixteen chapters of carefully researched text complimented by numerous illustrations.  Learning of  our proud heritage will enhance the city we enjoy today and enrich our future in the 10,000 years that lie ahead.
cover Your Home on Native Land                     ISBN 987-1-897325-09-4
Author Alan Edward Skeoch
$20.00Turtle Island, as many of Canada’s   first inhabitants call North America, was made by the Creator to be shared by all living things. For Canada’s second wave of inhabitants, the land was up for grabs. This book describes the culture clash and the treaties between Canada’s first and later nations that have led to the land claims making headlines today. Told as a dialogue between two First Nations people, a young boy and an older woman, this book is a step toward understanding this important Canadian issue.
Mississauga’s Sports Heritage                     ISBN 0-9780168-0-7
Author Mike Toth
$43.00This book is a history of athletic achievements in Mississauga over the last century.






Erindale: Early Times to Evolution                 ISBN 0-9697873-7-5
Author: Kathleen A. Hicks
$35.00The ninth book in the Mississauga Library System’s “Our Heritage Series, this book tells the story of Erindale and its adjacent villages.  A number of the other books in the series are available from the gift shop.  Please contact us to inquire about availability.
Add Text (alt for images, text for links) Journey to the Past:                                  ISBN 978-0-9867578-0-8
The Lost Villages of Mississauga
Heritage Mississauga
$20.00Celebrating its 50 years of service to the community, Heritage Mississauga is proud to bring you this publication which chronicles the stories of, and offers a glimpse into, the “Lost Villages” that formed the foundation for the city of Mississauga.