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Rose Cutmore Daikens


MEGHAN MACKINTOSH: How did you learn about the Small Arms and what did you do there?

ROSE CUTMORE DAIKENS:  I was working at Eaton’s at the time and I was running a big loom, and I remember seeing on a poster somewhere that they’re hiring at Small Arms, so I wasn’t making good money as I was saying, and I thought well I’ll go there and maybe I can get in as a machinist.  So indeed I applied and they accepted me. They started me off sorting out nuts and bolts and rivets and little stuff, one day, and the next day they took me over and put me at a desk and put me in front of a steel, a pile of steel table with a height gage, micrometers and taught me how to run it and I was on the guard trigger line and I had to take all these measurements and they had to be exceedingly precise, or they were rejected and if they got out of line at all, they stopped the line right away and the bosses came in.

MEGHAN MACKINTOSH: What one memory stands out for you from your time there?

ROSE CUTMORE DAIKENS: I really enjoyed working there, and I didn’t stay that long because I joined the navy. When I came back from leave from the Navy, they allowed me to go into the building and visit my friends and it was great! They also presented me with a lovely portable radio as a parting gift. So I have great memories of Small Arms.