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Historic Railway Station Gallery

Historically Mississauga was traversed by four distinct railway lines, and three of those railway corridors remain relatively unchanged today. The Grand Trunk Railway arrived in 1854, followed by the Great Western Railway in 1855 and the Credit Valley Railway in 1879. The forth rail line, and the only one whose route has mostly disappeared from our landscape, was the short-lived Toronto-Guelph Radial Railway, which arrived in 1917. The “Iron Road” was a great catalyst for development and change, and in part, played a significant role in the development of some, and the disappearance of other, historic communities. Most of the historic railway stations that once served along these “railed-roads” have also disappeared over time, leaving the railways themselves as historic anchors through the modern city that has developed around them and along their routes. The historic railway stations, many of which have disappeared from our landscape, are reminders of an era of tremendous change.

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