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First World War


2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War. Canada was a young country in 1914, not yet independent of Great Britain. When war was declared on August 4th, 1914, Canada was also at war.

Over the course of the war some 619,636 Canadians enlisted with the Canadian Expeditionary Force, and approximately 424,000 served overseas. Of these men and women, approximately 60,000 members of the CEF died during the war. The Royal Canadian Navy reported 150 deaths, and some 1,388 Canadians died while serving with the British flying services. Between August 4th, 1914 and November 11th,1918, scarcely a day passed when a Canadian did not lay down his life for his country.

Amongst those Canadians who fell were more than 90 young men from historic Mississauga. While they did not know Mississauga by name, they came from the villages and rural communities of Toronto Township: Clarkson, Cooksville, Dixie, Erindale, Lakeview, Lorne Park, Malton, Meadowvale, Port Credit and Streetsville.

To commemorate the centennial of the First World War in 2014, Heritage Mississauga has compiled a virtual cenotaph in remembrance of the soldiers who fell from historic Mississauga. To date, we have documented 94 men who went overseas during the First World War and never returned home.

We will remember them.


This research project is ongoing, and information will be added to this page throughout the project.

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•    95 known fallen soldiers from the First World War who were from Historic Mississauga, or are honoured on memorials, honour rolls or cenotaphs in Mississauga
•    Average age of the fallen: 25.9 years old

Private Frank Sturch, died December 28th, 1914, age 28 (Erindale)

Private John Leviston
Captain George Gordon Duncan
Private George Bertram Alexander
Lieutenant Cyril Talbot Burney Croft

Private John Malone
Lance Corporal Frederick Anthony Tapp
Private Alexander Stanley Parker
Sapper Frederick Still
Private George Arthur Pearson
Captain Arthur George Scott
Private Robert Whitehead
Private William George Alexander
Corporal Walter George Birkett
Private Joseph Garbutt (alias Frederick Graham)
Private Howard Sutton Shaver
Private Andrew Milligan, died September 28th, 1916, age 27 (Port Credit)
Private Arthur Fry, died October 5th, 1916, age 24 (Port Credit)
Private Wilbert Adair, died October 8th, 1916, age 28 (Meadowvale)
Private Thomas Blackman, died October 8th, 1916, age 21 (Erindale)
Private Gordon Benham Kipp, October 8th, 1916, age 23 (Streetsville)
Corporal Harold Edwin Statia, died October 8th, 1916, age 22 (Streetsville)
Private Patrick Kelly, died October 9th, 1916, age 26 (Clarkson)
Private John William Hibbert, died October 12th, 1916, age 19 (Port Credit)
Sergeant Percy Joseph Devlin, died October 16th, 1916, age 30 (Erindale)
Private Edward Cosmo Innes, died October 22nd, 1916, age 23 (Port Credit)
Corporal William George Green, died November 7th, 1916, age 27 (Port Credit)

Private Henry Smith, died January 25th, 1917, age 26 (Streetsville)
Private Dennis Ainger, died March 1st, 1917, age 24 (Erindale)
Private George Whitehead, died March 30th, 1917, age 25 (Malton)
Sergeant Mosley Somerville Chapman, died April 1st, 1917, age 30 (Erindale)
Sergeant Thomas Cartwright, died April 9th, 1917, age 21 (Erindale)
Private Joseph Clarke, died April 9th, 1917, age 30 (Streetsville)
Private William Kidd, died April 9th, 1917, age 31 (Clarkson)
Private Eli Rossiter, died April 9th, 1917, age 32 (Clarkson)
Lieutenant James Howard Fawcett, died April 11th, 1917, age 28 (Streetsville)
Private John “Jack” Young, died April 11th, 1917, age 20 (Clarkson)
Private David Anderson, died May 3rd, 1917, age 20 (Port Credit)
Private Seymour Hunt, died May 3rd, 1917, age 26 (Erindale)
Private Gordon William Davis, died May 9th, 1917, age 21 (Streetsville)
Private Seymour George English, died May 28th, 1917, age 27 (Erindale)
Lieutenant George Osborne Hall, died June 16th, 1917, age 21 (Port Credit)
Lieutenant Jeffery Filder Smith, died June 29th, 1917, age 33 (Cooksville)
Private Charles Albert Rollings, died July 18th, 1917, age 36 (Malton)
Private Fletcher Oswald Miller, died July 23rd, 1917, age 23 (Meadowvale)
Lieutenant William Henry Clipperton, died August 17th, 1917, age 31 (Streetsville)
Private Wilfrid Arthur Cook, died September 5th, 1917, age 20 (Cooksville)
Corporal Rueben Crawford, died October 30th 1917, age 33 (Cooksville)
Sergeant George Hostrawser, died October 31st, 1917, age 20 (Malton)
Private William Kee, died November 11th, 1917, age 33 (Dixie)
Lieutenent-Colonel Alexander Thomson, died November 20th, 1917, age 29 (Port Credit)
Private Oliver Adrian Stewart, died December 4th, 1917, age 24 (Port Credit)
Private Edward Beauchamp Seymour, died December 5th, 1917, age 38 (Erindale)

Flight Lieutenant Cyril Roaf Barber, died January 7th, 1918, age 23 (Port Credit)
Private Arthur Whitehead, died February 6th, 1918, age 21 (Malton)
Private Oliver Sutton Hammerton, died April 3rd, 1918, age 22 (Elmbank)
Private Sydney Butler, died April 6th, 1918, age 31 (Port Credit)
Able Seaman William A. Carrington, died April 15th, 1918, age 18 (Streetsville)
Lieutenant Frederick Herbert Langstone, died April 17th, 1918, age 29 (Erindale)
Sapper Charles Roy Thomas, died May 9th, 1918, age 24 (Port Credit)
Private Christopher Sullivan, died August 27th, 1918, age 22 (Port Credit)
Cadet Charles Frederick McHenry, died June 8th, 1918, age 28 (Erindale)
Lance Corporal Egerton Arthur Sayers, died June 21st, 1918, age 24 (Clarkson)
Flight Lieutenant Charles Harvey, died June 29th, 1918, age 21 (Erindale)
Corporal Harold Robert O’Hara, died August 2nd, 1918, age 27 (Lorne Park)
Private John Pullinger, died August 9th, 1918, age 22 (Dixie)
Private William W. Morris, died August 26th, 1918, age 24 (Port Credit)
Sergeant Floyd Everard Graydon, died August 28th, 1918, age 40 (Streetsville)
Private John Moore, died August 28th, 1918, age 23 (Malton)
Private James William Dunn, died August 31st, 1918, age 24 (Streetsville)
Lieutenant Douglas Cameron Thomson, died September 2nd, 1918, age 20 (Port Credit)
Private William Samuel Herod, died September 3rd, 1918, age 20 (Dixie)
Captain Franklin Walter Ott, died September 17th, 1918, age 25 (Port Credit)
Lieutenant Charles John Nairne Lee, died September 27th, 1918, age 26 (Port Credit)
Captain Alan Barrie Duncan, died September 29th, 1918, age 21 (Port Credit)
Private Percival Brooks, died September 30th, 1918, age 23 (Cooksville)
Private John William Crowe, died October 1st, 1918, age 26 (Port Credit)
Private Charles Victor Harris, died October 1st, 1918, age 19 (Cooksville)
Lieutenant Robert Ellerton Thompson, died October 1st, 1918, age 18 (Erindale)
Private Ralph Herbert Edwards, died October 7th, 1918, age 22 (Streetsville)
Private William Crowley, died October 11th, 1918, age 25 (Clarkson)
Lieutenant Angus Douglas Gray, died October 25th, 1918, age 20 (Port Credit)
Sapper Arthur Franklin Gould, died November 3rd, 1918, age 22 (Streetsville)
Private Robert Oscar Andrews, died November 6th, 1918, age 22 (Meadowvale)

Casualties as a result of Service (Illness, injury or service-related infirmary)
Ordinary Seaman Earl O’Hara, died December 18th, 1918, age 22 (Lorne Park)
Lieutenant Walter Douglas Read, died January 28th, 1919, age 41 (Port Credit)
Private Hubert Hutton McCaugherty, died June 23rd, 1920, age 23 (Streetsville)
Private Cyril George Bogg, died December 23rd, 1921, age 26 (Port Credit)
Private Earl Allan Smith, died February 28th, 1945, age 49 (Lorne Park)

Unknown – Possible Fallen
Private James Joseph Clarke (Port Credit)
Private James Eggleston (Streetsville)
Private Alfred Kahn (Erindale)
Private Thomas William Brannen (Streetsville)
Private William Robert Still (Streetsville)