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Dorothy Brown

Dorothy Brown worked at the Small Arms from ________ to _______.

Here is part of her story of her experience there.

“I am Dorothy Brown of Hurontario Street in Mississauga and I would like to tell you a little bit about my life, since I came to Ontario. I came for the reason to be with Small Arms in Lakeview and I think it was in 1941, because I was 17 years old, somehow I have it in my mind that I was 18, but the numbers don’t lie. But, I came with the government, I was born I should say in Saskatchewan and raised there and at my age of 17, I was a little restless and I had always wanted to be in Ontario. I have an uncle in Perth, Ontario that has a maple syrup farm and that fascinated me. And I always heard about the wonderful orchards and fruit trees and that fascinated me. In the paper, where I lived one day, I noticed an advertisement to come down here, with the government to work in Small Arms. I thought, this is my opportunity. So what do you know, I was accepted, my application was accepted and I was so happy!”

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