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Commemorating Mississauga's Cultural Heritage

Commemorating Mississauga’s Cultural Heritage is a project by Heritage Mississauga with funding by the Ontario Trillium Foundation to provide opportunities for the cultural community of Mississauga to preserve and celebrate their heritage contributions to the city and to develop ideas for ways to animate these important community milestones and share with the broader community.


Why Is This Project Needed & Why Now?

For decades, Heritage Mississauga has worked with the City of Mississauga, community groups and residents to commemorate the early settler contribution to the city and milestone events that have taken place. It has been identified by the cultural community that there are no commemorative markers in the city that recognize the immigration of their communities and the important stories and milestones that they identify with. There is no opportunity to learn or celebrate with multiple generations the contributions made to the city and the impact immigration has had to develop Mississauga into the culturally blessed city it is today.

Who Will Benefit From This Project?

Pilot communities will have the opportunity to celebrate their contributions to the development of Mississauga by sharing their stories and ideas for commemoration. Secondly, the city of Mississauga will benefit from the opportunity to learn about the cultural milestones that have supported the city’s growth and development.

Examples Of Commemoration Through Stories

Below are some examples of how Heritage Mississauga has commemorated our cultural heritage by turning stories into tangible content.

Share Your Story

Heritage Mississauga would love to hear your story.
Each interview is approximately 1.5-2 hours long over Zoom.

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Click this link to download a PDF presentation with more information on the project.