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Transportation and Manufacturing

Samuel & Son

New headquarters built in Mississauga

Founded in 1855, Samuel, Son & Co. is a family-owned and operated, integr​ated network of metal manufacturing, processing and distribution divisions. With over 4,800 employees and 100+ facilities, Samuel provides seamless access to metals, industrial products and related value-added services.  The company moved its headquarters from Toronto to Dixie Road in Mississauga in 1960; it remains there today.


Canada Cartage

Considering the size of Canada Cartage today, it’s hard  to believe that was started with just”one cart & one horse” in 1914 by Robert Leslie, a recent Scottish immigrant. By 1920 horses had been replace by trucks and by 1928,Mr Leslie and his wife owned a fleet of 20!  The company survived the depression largely due to the everyday necessities that they transported like groceries and by 1964, the company owned 97 tractor-trailers and 225 trucks.  Today the company is based on Cardiff Boulevard in Mississauga, owns more than 4000 trucks and trailers and employees more than 3500 employees.