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What’s Your Story

Share Your Stories & Pictures!

Listen to our What’s Your Story Introduction

Everyone has a story, from the Native Mississaugas, to the early settlers who’s toil helped shape the modern landscape we live, work and play in today, to those who arrived in Mississauga yesterday. Our heritage is an every growing story and these stories, your stories, are what make Mississauga unique. These stories need to be recorded.

We invite everyone, of any age, of any background, to share your stories with us. Remember what was, enjoy what is, and ask what the future will bring to Mississauga – the 6th largest city in Canada! Think of the stories your house, your street or your community could tell if only they could talk. And they can talk – they just need a voice to relate that story and to preserve it for future generations.

We look to you, the citizens of Mississauga, to help us collect the stories of our every changing and diverse community. So what’s your story? Please share your stories and pictures with us we seek to protect, preserve and promote our City’s most valuable non-renewable resource – our heritage! So please, join us. We all have stories to share: whether they are stories from yesterday, 10 years ago, or 10,000 years ago, they are all important components of what makes up the city we call home – Mississauga.

  • Could you tell us about yourself?
  • What brought you to Mississauga?
  • When did you arrive? What were your impressions upon first arriving in Mississauga?
  • Any notable changes you have witnessed in Mississauga?
  • Do you belong to a Cultural Organization or Community in Mississauga?
  • We would like to learn more about your group. Could you tell us about your organization or community?
  • Are there beliefs or traditions that your group celebrates or follows that you feel are important to let other people in Mississauga know about?
  • Do you have a particular meeting place?
  • What kinds of educational or training classes and services does your organization or community provide?
  • Everyone in Mississauga comes from somewhere else, at some point in their history – how do you think this diverse community can best work together and build towards a common future? Is there something in particular you would like to see happen in regards to the heritage and history of our city?
  • Does your organization or community have any historical or cultural memorabilia or artifacts that help to tell the story of your group?
  • In regards to history, is there anyone in your community the you feel we should speak to in hopes of learning more about the history, culture and heritage of your community in Mississauga?

    Listen to the story of Norm Potts

Norm Potts and Mayor Hazel McCaillon


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