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First World War

Mississauga Remembers: VIRTUAL WAR MEMORIAL

This research project is ongoing, and information will be added to this page over time.

For more information, please contact:

I Am Mississauga: Mississauga Remembers


Lest We Forget

Private Cornelius Oliver Thompson

Sergeant George Marlatt

Private Alpheus Hemphill
Militiaman George Armstrong

Private Frank Sturch

Private John Leviston
Captain George Gordon Duncan
Private George Bertram Alexander
Lieutenant Cyril Talbot Burney Croft

Private John Malone
Lance Corporal Frederick Anthony Tapp
Private Alexander Stanley Parker
Sapper Frederick Still
Private George Arthur Pearson
Captain Arthur George Scott
Private Robert Whitehead
Private William George Alexander
Corporal Walter George Birkett
Private Frederick Graham (alias Joseph P. Garbutt)
Private Howard Sutton Shaver
Private Andrew Milligan   
Private Arthur Fry
Private Wilbert Adair
Private Thomas Blackman
Private Gordon Benham Kipp
Corporal Harold Edwin Statia
Private Patrick Kelly
Private John William Hibbert
Sergeant Percy Joseph Devlin
Private Edward Cosmo Innes
Corporal William George Green

Private Henry Smith
Private Dennis Ainger
Private George Whitehead
Sergeant Mosley Somerville Chapman
Sergeant Thomas Cartwright
Private Joseph Clarke
Private William Walter Kidd
Private Eli Rossiter
Lieutenant James Howard Fawcett
Private John “Jack” Young
Private David Anderson
Private Seymour Hunt
Private Gordon William Davis
Private Wilfrid Arthur Cook
Private Seymour George English   
Lieutenant George Osborne Hall
Lieutenant Jeffery Filder Smith
Private Charles Albert Rollings
Private Fletcher Oswald Miller
Lieutenant William Henry Clipperton
Corporal Rueben Crawford
Sergeant George Hostrawser
Private William Kee
Lt-Colonel Alexander T. Thomson
Private Oliver Adrian Stewart
Private Edward Beauchamp Seymour

Lieutenant Cyril Roaf Barber
Private Arthur Whitehead
Private Oliver Sutton Hammerton
Private Sydney Butler
Able Seaman William A. Carrington
Lieutenant Frederick Herbert Langstone
Sapper Charles Roy Thomas
Private Christopher Sullivan
Cadet Charles Frederick McHenry
Lance Corporal Egerton Arthur Sayers   
Flight Lieutenant Charles Harvey
Corporal Harold Robert O’Hara
Private John Pullinger
Private William W. Morris
Sergeant Floyd Everard Graydon
Private John Moore
Private James William Dunn
Lieutenant Douglas Cameron Thomson
Private William Samuel Herod
Captain Franklin Walter Ott
Lieutenant Charles John Nairne Lee
Captain Alan Barrie Duncan
Private Percival Brooks
Private John William Crowe
Private Charles Victor Harris
Lieutenant Robert Ellerton Thompson
Private Ralph Herbert Edwards
Private William Crowley
Lieutenant Angus Douglas Gray
Sapper Arthur Franklin Gould
Private Robert Oscar Andrews

Private Harold Rose Blower
Ordinary Seaman Sidney Russell Watson

Private William John Beaton
Pilot Officer Douglas McIntosh Burgess
Flight Sergeant Roy Norman Victor Burke
Private Robert Charles (“Clyde”) Butler
Flight Sergeant Thomas Edward Crothers
Flight Sergeant William Robert Donaldson
Flight Sergeant John Fellows
Pilot Officer Thomas Robinette Godfrey
Flight Sergeant John Hannaby
Sergeant Robert Henry Harper
Lieutenant Charles Earl Hersom
Pilot Officer William George Milne
Sergeant George Spencer Jr.
Stoker Oswald Bertman Stephens

Leading Coder Selwyn Arthur Adamson
Trooper Herbert Jack Cluff
Flight Sergeant Ernest James Cotton
Sergeant Florence May Fowler
Sergeant Allen Henry Leuty
Private Ferdinand Leonard Nash
Warrant Officer Howard William Shaver
Sergeant William Bruce Wallace
Pilot Officer Kenneth Beverley Woods

Private Howard Rex Arthur
Gunner Cyril De-Lisle Askin
Corporal Marcus Frederick Ballard
Ordinary Seaman John Redvers Bate
Rifleman Arthur William Beaver
Private Lionel Block
Lieutenant Norman Harold Victor Brown
Pilot Officer Edward Robert Burns
Pilot Officer Ernest William Bernard Carlson
Rifleman Allan Murray Cheeseman
Sergeant Wilburn Chubb
Lieutenant Charles William Cooper
Rifleman Michael Costello
Lieutenant Paul Leclerc Cote
Rifleman Albert E. Crocker
Flying Officer Leo John David di Marco
Private Robert George Fasken
Corporal John Henry Forden
Private Robert Henry Gardner
Lieutenant Edward Drew Glass
Private Donald Brooks Hawn
Sapper Claire Henry
Flight Lieutenant Robert Edward Holness
Corporal William John McGillion
Private Michael Joseph McLaughlin
Bombardier James Alexander McLeod
Pilot Officer Hubert Francis Orr
Lieutenant George Kenneth Parker
Private James George Philbrook
Private Wallace Cameron Pickering
Pilot Officer Robert Burns Ridley
Sapper Frank Rufus Sheepwash
Sergeant John Christopher Smart
Flying Officer Philip Nairn Thompson Van Alstyne
Private William McLaren Younger

Private John Richard Busby
Gunner Marvin Joseph Connaghan (Conaghan)
Sergeant Cyril Walter Hare
Private Alfred Hall Ives
Private James Norton Kitchener
Private Charles Henry Noer
Private Arthur Thomas Pashak
Private Stanley Primrose
Signalman Francis Gerard Rundle
Flying Officer Leonard Stewart Stockwell
Lieutenant Charles William Tompkins
Warrant Officer James Francis Walterhouse
Private Alfred Laurence Wright

Craftsman Edward John Brewster
Private Winifred Lilian Brewster

Flying Officer Alan David Wright

Trooper Marc Diab

Casualties as a result of Service (Injuries, illness)
Earl O’Hara
Walter Douglas Read
Hubert Hutton McCaugherty
Cyril George Bogg
Earl Allan Smith

Unknown (Research Ongoing)
Duncan Anderson
Thomas Anderson
Albert E. Bell
Thomas William Brannen
James Joseph Clarke
James Eggleston
Ernest Good
P. Hussey
Pte. Alfred Kahn
J. Kurosky
E. F. Mackenzie
L. Nash
I. H. Nicholson
William R. Reed
M. Robertson
Russell Ross
John Salmond
James Stewart
William Robert Still
Davis Thompson
Douglas Wilson
John W. Wilson
William Wilson

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