Engagement at Bradley 1812
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Canada 150 and Looking back at Confederation
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Annual General Meeting
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Heritage Bus Tour Rolling on April 18th
Join us for this interesting tour of the city of Mississauga through a history lens.

April 9th 2010

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Heritage Mississauga is pleased to present this tour of the unique historic communities and attractions that can only be found in our city. Along the way you will have an opportunity to enjoy short walking tours and experience the charm of historic Mississauga.


Equinox Sunrise Ceremony
We invite everyone to join us for an Equinox Sunrise Ceremony led by Metis Elder Joe Paquette on Saturday March 20th, 2010 at Sunrise at the Robinson-Adamson Grange

February 23rd 2010



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Peel Heritage Complex is Expanding
Complex received stimulus funding

February 4th 2010

The Region of Peel Archives and the Peel Heritage Complex will be undergoing some changes. The Complex received Infrastructure Stimulus funding to upgrade exhibition and storage facilities. To prepare for the changes, the Archives will be closed on Mondays effective January 4th, 2010. As of March 1st, 2010, the Archives Reading Room will be closed for approximately 15 months, until the fall of 2011. Access to records and information will be limited, but staff will still be able to assist. For more information, please visit www.peelheritagecomplex.org or phone 905-791-4055 x3630 (until March 1) and 905-791-7800 x3630 (after March 1).

Mississauga Expands Westward
Milton and Halton region boundaries shift

February 4th 2010

The Town of Milton and Halton Region and the City of Mississauga received approval from the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to realign the municipal boundary effective January 1, 2010. This results in a strip of land along the eastern boundary of the Town of Milton moving into the jurisdiction of the City of Mississauga. The area is bordered by Highway 401 to the north, Highway 403 to the south, Highway 407 to the east and Ninth Line to the west. The previous boundary between Mississauga and Milton was Ninth Line. In terms of local heritage, this change of municipal boundaries places several heritage properties within Mississauga which were previously part of the Town of Milton, including St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, the heritage designated Bussell House, and several others. In the years to come we look forward to further documenting the history of this area.

Happy 175th Anniversary Port Credit!
By Lydia Ordez-Niles

February 3rd 2010

January 1st marks the official start of Port Credit’s much anticipated 175th Anniversary Celebrations. The Port Credit 175th Anniversary Executive Committee, Team Leaders and volunteers have been busy preparing special activities to commemorate this special year in Port Credit.  Involvement by groups, individuals and organizations including Heritage Mississauga, The Mississauga South Historical Society and Museums of Mississauga ensures that 2010 will be a fun and memorable year in Port Credit.  Heritage Mississauga and The Mississauga South Historical Society have been assisting us with wonderful photos and information for the year long events.  This has been fun and informative seeing these photos for the first time.  One of the many projects by Museums of Mississauga includes historic walking tours from April until October on the last Saturday of each month. 

The Anniversary Celebration Day is on July 1, 2010 that we will be sharing along side Canada Day in Port Credit Memorial Park.  Heritage Mississauga will be organizing the Sunrise Ceremony as well as the Native Component.  There will be activities, entertainment, period costumes, pioneer breakfast and lunch, information and much more happening during the day.  This will be a free day for all to enjoy.

Examples of commemorative events and projects happening throughout the entire year include, a Commemorative Flower Bed, a hallmark City Council meeting that will be held at the historical Clarke Hall, an ARTconnect project which will provide an art piece for generations to remember, live theater in November and many other additional events and projects.  Something that we are very excited about is a Time Capsule; this will be viewed in the Port Credit Arena once the renovations are completed.  The Time Capsule will be opened in 2035. This is a legacy that will be left behind for the future generations.  The full year’s line up is posted on our website www.portcredit175.ca.  

What a terrific group of people that the Port Credit 175th Anniversary Executive Committee is thrilled to be working with.  BRAVO to everyone!  Here is to celebrating Port Credit’s past, pride and future, all 175 years of it! 

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